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I realign your company's IT chakras

And I’ll help you unveil the invisible side of your business, so that your technique harmonizes with all aspects of your activity and your being. ✨🔮

Are you in the right place?


You feel lost with all the technology, and that’s a drag on your day-to-day life.


You have no idea what’s possible or achievable, you don’t even know where to start!


You think technology is too complicated and not for you.


I'm Magalie, and I invite you into my technical-spiritual universe!

After 20 years immersed in the world of software quality, as a software engineer and technology enthusiast, I’ve added a spiritual touch ✨.

With a further 10 years of expertise in webmarketing, my career path is a subtle blend of technology and spirituality, creating a geekette adept at technico-spirituality online!

As a 5/1 Projector in Human Design, my mission is crystal clear: to support female web entrepreneurs, empower them and put technology back in its rightful place, at the service of the human 🌟.

It’s my way of merging personal development, spirituality and technology to help you shine in all aspects of your business and yourself. 🚀🌈

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What we can do together

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Punctual Computer Care (Hourly Service) 🔧

Need a touch of technical wizardry to solve one-off problems?
I’m here to help you!
My à la carte technical interventions will use my skills to overcome obstacles and get you back on the road to success. 🌟🛠️

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Computer Chakra Realignment (10h Mini Pack) ⚙️

Optimize and automate your digital processes to unleash your creative energy with the ‘IT Chakra Realignment’ 10-hour pack, and focus on the essentials of your business. ✨🚀

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Revelation of the Invisible (25h Mini Pack) 📊

Create a constellation of key indicators for your business with the ‘Revealing the Invisible’ pack (25h). Uncover unique insights with self-feeding dashboards, and shine a light on the hidden data that really matters. 🌟📊

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Technical Efficiency Coaching 🚀

My one-to-one coaching sessions will teach you how to manage your emails with ease, optimize your tasks and keep your files perfectly organized. Save time for the essentials and feel like a true digital magician! 💻


“Magalie is the Haute Couture of IT”.

Marion – Vivons les Saisons – Meditation and Qicong teacher


Optimize Your Technical Universe

I put my expertise to work refining your palette of Digital Tools, creating a space where each aspect works in harmony with the other.


The Technique of Your Image

Technology adapts to you, reflecting your needs, personality and style. It’s like a tailor-made suit for your digital business.


Demystifying technology with ease

My mission? To guide and empower you in the tech world. Forget the complexity, I’m here to make it all simple and accessible so you can use it without needing my help.


Your Journey to Techno-Spiritual Autonomy

Working together, you gain confidence and independence. It’s the start of an adventure where technological wizardry and spirituality meet.