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Welcome to my Universe of Techno-Spiritual Transformation!


Hey there, inspired entrepreneur! If you’re looking to merge the magic of technology with spiritual depth, you’ve come to the right place. 🌈✨

soin technique

🔧 Soin Technique Ponctuel (Prestation Horaire) 🔧

Need a quick hand setting up essential tools in your online world? My “Punctual Technical Care” service is here to answer the call! 🚀

Imagine: you’ve got an email service to integrate, a billing solution to configure, or an online payment option to set up. That’s where I come in, with sharp expertise and precise timing.

In just a few hours, I got to the heart of the matter, setting up these technical tools as if by magic.

Don’t panic, don’t stress.

Just a quick, efficient and professional intervention that will help you move forward unhindered.

Ready to see your online business shine with the right technical solutions in place? Book your “Punctual Technical Care” and let me make the magic shine in your digital world. ✨🛠️

– Duration: invoiced by the hour
– Rate: €100/hr excl.

⚙️ Computer Chakra Realignment (10h Mini Pack) ⚙️

Let me bring amazing harmony to your digital processes.

With the “IT Chakra Realignment” package, let’s optimize and automate your processes together, to free up your creative energy and let you focus on what really matters in your business.

– Duration: minimum commitment of 10h
– Rate: €90/hr excl.

coaching invisible

📊 Revelation of the Invisible (25h Mini Pack) 📊

Transform your business into a constellation of key indicators with the “Revealing the Invisible” pack.

Thanks to data-driven dashboards, discover potentially counter-intuitive data such as your customers’ average time to purchase, the origin of your prospects, their customer journey and much more. Let’s bring to light what’s hidden!

– Duration: minimum commitment of 25 hours
– Rate: €80/hr excl.

🚀 Technical Efficiency Coaching 🚀

Ready to master your IT tools like a pro? With my one-to-one coaching sessions, I’ll show you how to manage your emails with ease, organize your tasks efficiently and keep your files tidy.

Free up time for the essentials and feel like a real digital magician!

– Duration: to be defined together
– Rate: €115/hr excl.

coaching efficacite

“Magalie is the Haute Couture of IT”.

Marion – Vivons les Saisons – Meditation and Qicong teacher

✨ Each Session, a Step towards Techno-Spiritual Magic ✨

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My personalized approach, influenced by Human Design, adapts to your unique energy.

So, are you ready to begin this adventure where technology and spirituality dance in harmony?

Contact me today to explore how I can help you shine your way! 🚀🔥