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"Nothing works better than something that doesn't have to be done".


Ready to make technology your invisible ally in online success?

Imagine a simple, invisible technique at your service,
to develop your online business hassle-free! 🌟

My method is like a “computer chakra realignment”. Through a detailed technical audit, we explore your technical areas and make an inventory of all your tools to make it easier to welcome new customers, invoice, manage your content for social networks, or any other aspect you’d like to optimize. 🛠️💼

This will allow you to simplify your online professional life without becoming a technical expert. 🌺🏠

Ready to make technology your invisible ally in online success? Contact me, and together we’ll personalize your path to smooth management of your technical universe in the service of your business. 💡🚀

Ready to get started?

How are we going to work?



Before diving headlong into automation, we take stock of your processes, your IT tools and their suitability. We then identify together what is redundant or can be simplified.


Integration - Automation

Once we’ve identified your processes, we’ll work with you to define the role of technology and the role of people, to ensure the most natural interaction possible.

Once the broad outlines have been defined, it’s time for automation.


Transmission & Autonomy

Your processes are part of your company’s wealth.

Each of my missions includes a transmission so that you and your team are autonomous in managing your tools and modifying your processes.


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