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Case studies

Revealing the invisible


Actions speak louder than words. Dive into our latest case study to discover concrete examples of transformative success.

Explore practical applications, success stories and tangible results that demonstrate the impact of my innovative solutions.


Audrey B: her profile

  • Field of activity: Practitioner & Instructor of the Da Xuan Taoist Tradition
  • Favorite hot beverage: Green Tea
  • Where to find it:
  • Its technical challenge:

Fully exploit the capabilities of existing tools while simplifying workflows.

  • Tools used :

Kajabi, Slack, Notion, Zoom


Optimize your Technical Universe

“I put my expertise to work refining your palette of digital tools, creating a space where every aspect works in harmony with the others.”


Technique that reflects your business

“Technology adapts to you, reflecting your needs, personality and style. It’s like a tailor-made suit for your digital business.”


Demystifying Technology with Simplicity

“My mission? To guide and empower you in the world of technology. Forget the complexity – I’m here to make it simple and accessible, so you can use it without needing my help.”


Your Adventure towards Techno-Spiritual Autonomy

Working together, you gain confidence and independence. It’s the begining of an adventure where technological wizardry and spirituality come together.