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"Nothing works better than something not to be done."


Ready to make technology your invisible ally for your online success?


Imagine a simple and invisible technology at your service,
to grow your online business without hassle! 🌟

My approach is like a « realignment of technical chakras. » Through a detailed technical audit, we explore your technical aspects and take inventory of all your tools to facilitate welcoming new clients, invoicing, managing your social media content, or any other aspect you’d like to optimize. đŸ› ïžđŸ’Œ

This will allow you to simplify your online professional life without becoming a technical expert. đŸŒș🏠

Ready to make technology your invisible ally for your online success?

Contact me, and together we’ll customize your journey for a smooth management of your technical world in service of your business. 💡🚀

Ready to start this adventure?

How are we going to work together ?



Before diving headfirst into automation, we take stock of your processes, your computer tools, and their alignment.

Together, we then identify what is redundant or can be simplified.


Integration – Automation

After identifying your processes, we define together the role of Technology and that of Human for the most natural interaction possible.

Once the broad outlines are defined, it’s time for automation.


Transmission & Empowerment

Your processes are part of the wealth of your business.

Each of my missions includes training so that you and your team can be independent in managing your tools and modifying your processes.

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Discover my Case Studies

De L’hypnothĂ©rapeute au Geek : L’Incroyable DĂ©fi de Benjamin

Benjamin Neyrial : sa fiche identitĂ© Domaine d’ActivitĂ© : HypnothĂ©rapeute, formĂ© Ă  l’EFT, il les hyper-sensibles aux talents cachĂ©s Ă  se libĂ©rer du
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tn sophie sobird&co etude de cas

DĂ©couverte de Sophie et l’automatisation de ses listes e-mail

DĂ©couvre l’aventure entrepreneuriale de Sophie, la fondatrice de SoBird, Ă  travers une discussion passionante et enrichissante !  Dans cette vidĂ©o, Sophie se livre
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itw0002 minitaure

Rencontre avec Guillaume, l’as de la ComptabilitĂ© AutomatisĂ©e !

Aujourd’hui, on plonge dans l’univers de Guillaume de van den Hoek, Boutique de ComptabilitĂ©, Ă  Amsterdam. Guillaume va te dĂ©voiler comment il a
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audrey ma cohrénce intro etude de cas

RĂ©vĂ©lation de l’invisible

(texte) Audrey B : sa fiche identitĂ© Domaine d’Activité : Pratiquante & Instructrice de la Tradition TaoĂŻste Da Xuan Boisson chaude prĂ©fĂ©rĂ©e : le
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alb 2162 edit

Automatisation de webinaires

Lorsque Marion a pris contact avec moi, elle avait besoin de gagner en simplicitĂ© sur la gestion de des wĂ©binaires qu’elle allait animer
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