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Les Hacks de Mag

HDM#007 – Automatically capture your receipts and invoices with a simple automation.


Hey toi, entrepreneur.e inspiré.e ! Si tu cherches à fusionner la magie de la technologie avec la profondeur spirituelle, tu es au bon endroit. 🌈✨

As an entrepreneur, one not-so-glamorous aspect is dealing with receipts, expense reports, and invoices that come from various sources. These documents need to be manually entered into your expense tracking system.

Now, you might either delegate this task to an assistant or tackle it yourself, navigating through the administrative hassle, fearing the loss of a receipt, or forgetting to log an invoice.

Sound familiar?

That’s where your computer comes to the rescue.

Imagine receiving a receipt, scanning it, placing it in the right folder, and magically, it appears in the consolidated file of all your expenses. Whether you or your assistant choose to input the amounts later is up to you.

And here’s the magic—it works seamlessly from your phone, capturing receipts you photograph, and even for invoices received via email.

This video shows you how to automate all of this!